Wideprint. A new editorial Project

«One proposal for the times we live in is to go slowly. Slowly, little by little, constantly. Not having time is like having nothing. Going slowly doesn’t mean not getting there, but rather getting there in the best way possible. Choosing to do few things is a good way of doing one of them for real.»
Alberto Morell Sixto in his essay Slowly
(from the book ¨Learning to Think¨ by Alberto Campo Baeza)

Wideprint is a challenge for time. Time which slips in the images which come and go so quickly these days. Taking a chance on the permanence of paper. Presence. The printed page begins and ends; it is a finite frame. Paper is inviting to the sense of touch, touch as a threshold to a sensual and corporeal universe.
Here, we open a possible vision into the world of design. A frame. A limited frame within the vastness of today’s world. A window.

WIDE: extense / vast / ample
Vast in themes, geography, support, authors, and projects. Art, Design, Architecture, Cinema, Photography, Performance. Expressions of contemporary life.
Take a wide spectrum, move away from the speed of immediacy and novelty.
Extense in time. Timeless. Without time. Past and future.

At Wideprint, local and international production interact understanding the construction of the material universe in its handmade and industrial processes.
Show the craft. The ¨savoir-faire¨ of the makers of objects and spaces. Give value to the specificity of the craft: the materials that we as architects and designers use and resignify to create the environments we live in. Give value to the material which preserves the sensuality of the world that surrounds us.

In Juhani Pallasmaa’s insightful words «in a world where everything is becoming similar, insignificant, and of no consequence, art and architecture must maintain differences in meaning and particularly the criteria of sensory, experiential, and existential quality. It is still the artist’s and the architect’s responsibility to defend the enigma of life and the eroticism of the living world».

This is where we shall walk. We invite you to join us.

Arq. Paula Herrero – Editorial published in Wideprint Magazine #1 – August 2017