Interior design

Interior Design Exists insofar intervention forms Space.

 This was one of the topics of the Jury’s discussion for the Arqadia 2013 selection of works. An artistic installation or a textile design may be considered interior design insofar it forms space. From the point of view of interior design it’s not the object per se what should be evaluated, but rather the living space that is created from this object or group of objects: the resulting interior space, the atmosphere, the mood.

We design the inner skin, the border, we decide to design the objects within the space or we choose to place objects already designed by others. So then, what are we designing? Our work is the resulting space. We, therefore, design the empty space. And we configure its borders. We define the skin that will give that empty space its character. Interior space. We enable better appropriation of emptiness, of occupying the entire space.

Take space, make space, appropriate oneself of the space. Interstice architecture.

Paula Herrero – text for the Swearing-in of Interior Design Arqadia 2013.