Body, Space and Landscape

“Every time I get ready to attend a work by Pina, I feel an immense joy in anticipation of what is going to wake me up. I am glad in advance for the freedoms that I am going to recover, for the spaces that will once again be tangible, both in the heart and in the spirit, as well as through my own conquest of space.”
(Quote from the book The Pixels of Cézanne by Wim Wenders. Chapter: Two speeches for Pina Bausch)

Feeding freedom. Retracing the paths of fear. Rebuilding links. From the corporeity that is our first habitat, to the places we inhabit, in relation to a landscape. All that constitutes us: body, space and landscape.

At a time where the fragility of existence is manifested so tangibly, our body and our environment are exacerbated like shelters to look again, to regain the possibility of walking in freedom. Our body as the first refuge.

Today we share in this issue 21 of Wideprint two notes that address these issues. And they are just two dialogues.
The artist Analía Segal accompanies her series of 12 photographs “Body to Body”, with an extract from an extensive dialogue between her and the architect Karen Takano.
And a second dialogue between the architect Juan Frigerio, the artist Luciana Levinton and the philosopher Luz Horne. This conversation is the first of a cycle devised and carried out by Juan Frigerio for Wideprint.

Crossing disciplines, observing the work of the other, going deep in one’s own vulnerability.
From body to landscape. And from landscape to matter. Creating in freedom.

Arq. Paula Herrero – Editorial published in Wideprint Magazine #21 – September 2021