Architecture of interstices

The cities are already built
Intervention of the interstice. Today, the possibilities of design in that “in between” space are immense.

In the interstice, there is everything to be done, everything to be experimented.

This is the challenge of our times: for designers from different disciplines to seek paths to the «in between» space; to resolve the habitat in that “in between», to create new programs in the interstice, to respond to basic needs (shelter, housing, gathering, exchange, warmth, expansion, learning) in that small margin. It is possible for areas of specific uses to be developed «within» the already built, «between» what is already materialized.

“Architecture of Interstices» rather than interior architecture
This is where great potential for design development towards the future is defined for architects, interior designers, industrial designers, and landscape designers. Now is the time to reflect on those margins; to push those limits. Not to build more, but rather to build «within», to design “in between». And to find solutions for unresolved essential needs with minimal interventions.

The intervention may be small, but the scope immense
Architects and designers: let’s look at that interstitial space of possible development. There is plenty there to do, everything to experiment and to respond to with beauty and poetry in new ways of public as well as private habitat.

Let’s not minimize it; that interstitial space is an immeasurable field of career opportunities.

Arq. Paula Herrero – October 2012. Text for the Arqadia Interior Design Jury 2012